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Butt Implants 411*

Posted December 27, 2012 in Butt Augmentation, English

Dr. Mendieta Explains the Options for Butt Augmentation 

At my Miami Florida plastic surgery practice, I often perform buttocks augmentation using my signature fat transfer technique (“Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D approach”). However, there are individuals who desire a more enhanced rear, but do not qualify or want to undergo the fat transfer method.

butt implants and other butt augmentation options

Not Enough Fat to Transfer to Buttocks

Either they do not have enough fat on their body to use for the transfer method, or desire an extreme, dramatic increase in volume. In these cases, butt implants are usually the best option.* The best time to determine which type of enhancement is best for that person – fat transfer versus implants – is during the initial consultation.*

What are Butt Implants?

Those who are interested in butt implants usually have several concerns and questions. Often, I am asked if butt implants are the same quality as breast implants. As a butt and breast augmentation specialist in Miami, I provide prospective patients with the information they need to know; in order to help them make the right decisions.

What Do They Use for Butt Implants?

Just as breast implants come in different sizes and shapes (based on the individual’s personal preference and cosmetic goals) so do butt implants. One of the misconceptions about the silicone used in butt implants is that they may burst when sitting down.* This is not true, because the silicone consistency is distinctly different among breast implants and butt implants. Breast implants consist of a fluid-filled silicone material, while butt implants are made from a soft, solid silicone.*

Butt Enhancement Options

I am proud to offer my patients more than one butt enhancement option at my practice. This is because every person is different with unique needs and body shapes. Due to the natural-looking beautiful results that the fat transfer technique provides, I predominantly perform this type of butt enhancement method.* It allows me to sculpt and create fuller, feminine buttocks, while creating a more flattering overall body contour for the patient.*

Request a Consultation for Butt Implants or Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer with Dr. Mendieta Today!

If you would like to learn more about which butt enhancement technique is right for you, I encourage you to contact my Miami center for plastic surgery at 4Beauty to schedule an initial consultation. You may do so by calling 305-860-0717.* You may also contact us online.


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