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Buttock Enhancement Techniques*

Posted August 29, 2013 in Butt Augmentation, English

Butt Enhancement Techniques with Dr. Mendieta in Miami 

Buttock augmentation is often a more complex procedure than simply augmenting and sculpting the area with the patient’s own fat (Brazilian Butt Lift). The patient may have other areas that need improvement such as excess fat deposits on the inner or outer areas of the buttocks. Depending on the patient’s body type and desires for the procedure, I can utilize one or more of the following techniques:*


Miami Thong Lift*

miami thong lift

When there are excess fat deposits in the interior gluteal fold (which is the zone between the gluteal areas) I use the Miami Thong Lift technique. The “ideal buttock” (pictured right) does not have a lot of fullness or fat in this area. And the buttock and legs unite to form a 45-degree angle. As fat starts to build up in this area, the aesthetics start to decrease and the area flattens to a 90-degree angle (pictured left). Sometimes this inner gluteal fullness can extend even farther downward, resulting in what I call the “dirty diaper” look.*

To correct excess fat in this area, I use the Miami Thong Lift technique.* This involves an incision in the sacrum, along with liposuction of the inner gluteal area. The length of the incision will depend on the amount fullness of the inner gluteal fold. If the patient has more fullness than a 90-degree angle in this area, the incision in the sacrum will be longer.* If droopiness accompanies this excess volume, other accessory procedures can help.* Fat grafting can be added, which can lift the buttocks by adding volume to specific areas.*

Butterfly Lift*

Buttock Enhancement Techniques*

Sometimes, the buttocks droops along the outer or lateral portion. In some of these cases, the Miami Thong Lift or fat grafting may be sufficient to improve this skin laxity problem. However, when these techniques do not work, I use the Butterfly Lift.*

Using this technique, an incision is made along the bikini line at the upper portion of the buttock; allowing me to lift the entire buttock and remove excess skin.* The scar with this technique will be more visible and can also extend toward the front of the body, depending on how lax the skin is.* However, scars with the Butterfly Lift can usually remain hidden beneath a typical Brazilian cut bikini.*

Inner and Posterior Leg Lift – Crease Incision*

Buttock Enhancement Techniques*

Sometimes there is skin laxity in the inner leg and posterior leg area. This is usually the case with patients who have lost a significant amount of weight or simply have excess loose skin.* The incision is located along the lower part of the buttock within the gluteal crease. Depending on the severity of the laxity of the skin, the incision will sometimes have to extend along the groin area, resulting in an inner and posterior leg lift.*


Buttock Enhancement Techniques*

When a patient has so much excess skin that the Brazilian Butt Lift, Miami Thong Lift, and Butterfly Lift will not be enough to correct the problem, I must also add an Inner Leg Lift and Posterior Leg Lift.* When I perform all of these techniques together, I call it the C-Lift.

During the C-Lift, the incision will start at upper buttock, travel along the top of the bikini line, and down the sacrum. The incision will then curve along the lower crease of the buttock and extend out to the lateral leg in the shape of the letter “C.”

The C-Lift is the most extensive of all the lifts because it includes lifting every component of the buttock area. This technique creates a greater lift in the upper and outer part of the buttocks.*

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