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Is She a GILF or a Glamma?*

Posted August 13, 2013 in Celebrity, English

The New 50+ Sexy GILFs phenomenon: How to Keep the Appeal Going…

We love bottoms; it’s our bread and butter. The shapely curvy female form is sexual catnip. And this is why so many of our patients refuse to go gently into that “grandma” blue rinse and support hose stockings.

is she a gilf or a glamma

The news is full of great stories about seniors continuing their sex lives and using bio-identical hormones (and other supplemental boosting potions) to safely help stave off the negatives of aging. But we can do so much more to make Glamma (aka: a glamorous grandmother) as sexy and vital as she wants to be.*

There’s a trend growing, one we embrace wholeheartedly.  We believe a woman’s sexuality is not time-stamped. If you want to keep vital, grab a cafe con leche and let’s talk about fighting gravity; and keeping the fires stoked on your female sensuality.

Age is No Longer a Number

The new 50, 60 and 70+ ladies are everywhere, just ask Julie Newmar (80), Jane Fonda (75), Raquel Welch (72) , newlywed Tina Turner (73), Susan Sarandon (66), Helen Mirren (68), Cher (67), Wendie Malick (62), Katey Sagal (59), Lena Olin (58), Sela Ward (57), Michelle Pfeiffer, (55), Andie MacDowell (54), Angela Bassett (54), Sharon Stone (55), Madonna (54), Jamie Lee Curtis (54), Jane Leeves (52), Valerie Bertinelli (53), Joan Jett (54), Heather Locklear (51), Gina Gershon (50), Vanessa Williams (50), Demi Moore (50), and of course Betty White (91) who puts the fire in many hearts still!

How to Look Young and Sexy after 50

No longer is being menopausal or post-menopausal a reason to just give up on yourself. There are so many ways to keep your figure and vitality.*  Dr. Mendieta believes that sexy isn’t about wearing a shorter skirt or showing cleavage. It’s feeling good about who you are; and being comfortable in your own skin.

The great news is that this confidence can be restored. Dr. Mendieta has perfected the art of gluteal sculpting to fight the weight gain that happens in the belly over time. He will transfer your own fat to the areas that tend to flatten with age. Imagine being able to wear a thong bikini bottom over 50!*

This miracle happens every day at our plastic surgery center in Miami. Our patients feel as good now as they did in their heydays. And they want to live their life to the fullest. We deliver results and this adds to our patients lives immeasurably.*

Aging can be daunting. So, please make an appointment to consult with Dr. Mendieta and follow our four simple steps to help regain and retain your inner goddess:*

1. Remain Active*

It’s no surprise that all the famous beauties we listed exercise. Some do yoga, Pilates, or more strenuous cardio and weight lifting. The body ages better when you use it.* This is a key to good health and good looks. So, please incorporate exercise; even if it’s just dancing, into your daily routines for at least 30 minutes a day.*

2. Quality Calories*

Eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and healthy wild fish. Try to eat less animal protein. Please try to avoid the bread basket, spaghetti, and sugar and processed packaged foods.

3. Understand What Works for You*

Some ladies can wear longer hair well, so don’t be pressured to cut your hair because of an age milestone. Do invest in a great haircut, and keep your skin and hair well pampered with good products.* Wear real jewelry and invest in the best classic accessories. Don’t overdo a too obvious and sexy GILF look. Take a quote from a play by Helen Mirren…”If you can carry a two-piece swimsuit, do it. If you cannot, come see Dr. Mendieta!*”

4. Have Fun, Love, Laugh, and Be Generous of Heart!*

Perspective and attitude wear well on your face. Be forgiving and patient, and let your experience keep you ahead of the fray. Don’t be a follower, celebrate your wisdom, laugh off the small stuff, and smile…it’s the quickest face lift that costs nothing.*

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