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Miami Mommy Makeover*

Posted November 16, 2009 in English

Women everywhere, including those who can’t get enough of the Miami sun, are usually dissatisfied with their body shape and size after pregnancy. The most common annoyance that these women hope to get rid of is stretched, sagging skin – a problem that diet and exercise does not always improve. Fortunately, with advancements in surgical techniques, these women can undergo a multiple number of procedures for a “Mommy Makeover.”*

As I continue to treat numerous patients who desire a better-contoured body with Mommy Makeover surgery, I can tell you that the most-requested, post-pregnancy procedures includes: tummy tuck surgery, butt enhancement via fat transfer (I use the fat removed from the tummy tuck for butt enhancement) and the combination of a breast lift and augmentation.*

Just like all cosmetic surgery procedures, the individual must be in good health, both physically and psychologically. Because I understand the human form and the desire to look and feel as beautiful as possible, Miami Mommy Makeover patients frequently seek my assistance to help them achieve their goals.* Tummy tuck surgery, butt enhancement, and the combination of a breast lift and augmentation are known to help to accomplish this.*