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Miami Liposuction*

Posted November 05, 2009 in English

I am a board certified plastic surgeon; and as a result of my experience and training in “lipoplasty,” I have a sound understanding of how fat works.

There is a common confusion about fat deposits and liposuction. It isn’t the number of fat cells that causes an ill-contoured body shape. It is where the fat is distributed that causes a disproportionate figure. No matter how much I extract from a patient’s body, there will always be the same number of fat cells.

Therefore, in consideration to the various body types (square, V-shape, round, A-shape), my approach to liposuction is to recontour and redistribute the fat versus simply removing it. I call this “lipocontouring.” No two bodies are alike, so I use my artistic vision to help each patient achieve his or her goals.* (Patient-specific techniques can be discussed during my consultations.) I will evaluate the prospective patient’s body based on that person’s health, body shape, and relative fat deposits.

Please note, however, that those who are on the heavier side and seek liposuction at my Miami practice may want to start learning about their options. Lipocontouring may not be the best solution, especially if that person has not yet attempted the traditional methods of dieting and exercise.* Lipocontouring is for individuals who are already of a healthy shape; they just need that extra help for greater definition!*