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The Mendieta Technique

Plastic Surgery in Miami

What is The Mendieta Technique?

Miami Dr. Constantino Mendieta has perfected the art of body sculpting after many years of studying the human form with the Mendieta Technique. He understands the female perspective of beauty and tailors his plastic surgery skills to meet an individual’s desires in buttock enhancement. Having traveled the world as a lecturer regarding body contouring, Dr. Mendieta has become the destination surgeon for local, national, and international patients. Individuals from all walks of life, from housewives to celebrities, visit his state-of-the-art facility for enhancement procedures. For their convenience and privacy, Dr. Mendieta provides an environment that allows for a discreet stay.

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World-class skill in facial surgery, breast surgery and body sculpting, and versed in all aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

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Patients may anticipate a rewarding plastic surgery experience with Dr. Mendieta. Depending on their needs and body type, he will recommend the most appropriate butt augmentation procedure: butt implants or fat transfer (“fat grafting”). Due to its high success rate, ninety percent of the buttock augmentation surgeries Dr. Mendieta performs is via the fat transfer method, commonly using his “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D approach.” His signature Brazilian Butt Lift technique is one that can help a woman enhance her derriere into a natural-looking, voluptuous shape and size. Dr. Mendieta does not perform this procedure only to provide women with “bigger butts.” With this technique, the patient’s own fat is used to accentuate the curves that she may already have, and/or would like to gain.

This process is patient-specific, in which Dr. Mendieta will remove the amount of fat necessary to provide the patient with her desired shape and size. He commonly uses the extracted fat from the abdomen, which is harvested during the tummy tuck procedure, and then transfers it to the buttocks. Fat can be extracted via liposuction from other areas of the body as well, including the thighs and arms, depending on the patient and where he or she carries excessive weight. Dr. Mendieta takes the whole body into account before reshaping the buttocks, as he will fully evaluate where and how the buttocks can be enhanced in relation to the rest of the individual’s body.

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