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Miami Butt Enhancement via Fat Transfer*

Posted October 26, 2009 in English

Butt Enhancement via Fat Transfer with Dr. Mendieta 

Butt augmentation via fat to butt transfer (“Brazilian Butt Lift”) is an attractive option for many men and women; due to the natural-looking results of this procedure.* My focus is not to  just provide “bigger butts;” I am a Miami butt enhancement specialist who is extensively trained and experienced in using the patient’s own fat to accentuate the curves that she may already have (and/or would like to gain).*

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting

In fact, 80 percent of buttock augmentation procedures I perform are via fat transfer, specifically using my “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer 3-D approach. My firm belief and knowledge of this procedure has allowed me to travel the world and lecture on its many benefits.*

butt enhancement via fat transfer

Fat Transfer from Stomach to Butt

If a patient also opts for a tummy tuck (especially if she undergoes a “Mommy Makeover“), I typically use the extracted fat from the abdomen and transfer it to the buttocks. This special process entails slimming down one area by removing fat with liposuction or excision (before using the same fat to reshape another area).* Butt enhancement via fat to butt transfer allows no room for risks, such as infection. This is because the patient is using a natural substance – fat.*

However, this procedure is not as simple as it sounds. All butt enhancement surgery patients are unique, and their procedure is patient-specific.* Their goals; the amount of fat necessary to provide their desired shape and size; as well as the amount of fat that exists in the fat removal site; are all factors that will affect the outcome of the procedure.*

Butt augmentation, whether with semi-silicone implants or a liposuction fat transfer, is not a casual procedure and should not be performed by just any plastic surgeon.*

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