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The Top Cosmetic Procedure Sweeping Hollywood

Posted December 15, 2020 in Celebrity, Vaginal Rejuvenation

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DiVa® vaginal treatment is the latest innovation developed to provide a quick and safe non-invasive solution to women’s “intimate” challenges. 

Close-up image of a women wearing white underwear with a microscope looking at her private areas.

The benefits of DiVa® laser vaginal therapy has become a trendy buzzword among Hollywood’s celebrities. Take actress Jada Pinkett Smith, for example, who underwent the procedure to treat her “incontinence troubles.”

Like any other organ, a woman’s most private area is affected by age and other health conditions. Having said that, vaginal challenges are not a topic many women want to discuss openly. 

Unfortunately, many women experiencing menopause or those who have undergone childbirth(s), chemotherapy, or pregnancy develop vaginal laxity. For others, the loss of vaginal tightness is caused by natural phenomena, such as genetics or a hormonal imbalance.

Luckily, there is a solution to combat these that affect vaginal tissues’ health and function. DiVa® vaginal treatment is the latest cosmetic to hit Hollywood—and for a good reason. It is a laser treatment that treats vaginal laxity in a matter of minutes. 

In addition to reversing the effects of time on a woman’s intimate area, this procedure can treat hysterectomy or chemotherapy’s side effects.

What Are Some of the Benefits of DiVa® Vaginal Treatment?

Besides being safe, fast, personalized, and comfortable, the procedure can be used to:

Restores a Woman’s Youthfulness 

DiVa® vaginal therapy is both a cosmetic and medical procedure that helps restore a woman’s youthfulness. Sadly, the effects of aging are usually felt more by women than men. These are further magnified by major life events, such as giving birth. When good things—like childbirth—become the underlying cause of distress among aging women, a safe procedure that addresses the problem becomes necessary.

Enhances Sexual Gratification 

It is common for women to develop vaginal laxity as they age, but, sadly, this process can affect their sexual fulfillment. Factors such as menopause affect the vaginal muscle tone even more, leading to a weaker organ. Luckily, DiVa® vaginal treatment can promote vaginal relaxation, thereby increasing sexual gratification.

Treats Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) 

SUI is a condition that is usually caused by strained muscles from multiple pregnancies and deliveries. Giving birth does not have to result in embarrassment, and such effects should not be endured forever. If you are suffering from SUI, you don’t have to anymore. DiVa® vaginal treatment can combat SUI and transform your life in no time.

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