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3 Reasons to Consider a Breast Fat Transfer

Posted August 09, 2021 in Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgery

breast fat transfer with Dr. MendietaIf you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, you may be considering plastic surgery to improve the way they look. You may be aware of implants that can be inserted to change the shape or volume of your breasts. There is an alternative treatment option that can give you natural-looking results.

3 Reasons to Consider a Breast Fat Transfer to Enhance Your Appearance

Augment Small Breasts

A breast fat transfer is an ideal solution for women who desire to make a slight change in the shape or size of their breasts. If one breast is slightly bigger than the other, this procedure can help correct the imbalance. With implants, cosmetic flaws can occur with women who have little natural tissue to provide cover. A breast fat transfer can be done with breast implants to minimize the appearance of wrinkling, rippling or visible implant edges.

Reduce Risks of Complications

Implants can shift, collapse or rupture. If this happens, it can create serious effects to your health and well-being and become expensive to correct. If you are concerned with putting foreign substances in your body, you may want to consider a breast fat transfer. This procedure uses your own body fat to reduce the risks of complications while still providing natural results.

Reduce Unwanted Body Fat in Other Areas

During a breast fat transfer, body fat is taken from a person’s stomach, thighs or hips. Once the fat is purified, it is then injected into the targeted area of the breasts. While only a small amount of fat is removed, it can help bring greater definition to your overall silhouette.

Is a Breast Fat Transfer Right for You?

If you are looking for a natural solution to augment your breasts, a breast fat transfer may be an ideal procedure for you. To determine if you are an ideal candidate, you will need to have a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Mendieta is a world renowned plastic surgeon who can recommend the best treatment options for you. Call our plastic surgery center in South Florida at 305-860-0717 to schedule a consultation to learn more about a breast fat transfer today. You may also contact us online.


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