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Miami Thong Lift

JLo, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian are celebrities who have embraced their natural curves, and continue to inspire women to do the same – to feel proud of their own bodies. But what to do if you lack definition in this area? Because everyone has unique fat storage, trying to enlarge and reshape your buttocks through the natural means of exercise is not always successful. This is why butt enhancement surgery is growing in popularity – it is designed to augment the derriere into a more voluptuous appearance should a patient be unable to achieve beautiful results by herself.

As a Miami, Florida plastic surgeon who understands the female form as well as the female perspective, I provide natural-looking results that truly help provide women with greater self-confidence and better overall proportions.

That said, my knowledge in butt enhancement recently led me to a wonderful opportunity; I presented a new plastic surgery solution during a conference of British Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons in London. This technique is now coined the “Miami Thong Lift.” Because no one wants visible scars, I approach buttock contouring and enhancement surgery with delicacy, striving to produce refined, aesthetic results. The droopy buttock can be lifted with fat grafting, but sometimes it needs an extra touch. Through a scar placed inside the buttock cheeks the Miami the thong lift will boost a woman’s “booty” volume without visible scars.

Buttock reshaping is the most requested procedure at my practice, due to the fact that women are continuously looking to improve upon their natural beauty and maintain a proud self-image. This is the most frequently requested procedure at my practice.

As my studies continue to lead me toward innovative body contouring approaches, I look forward to speaking to a group of colleagues once again.

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