Miami Botox® Procedure*

Miami Botox® Procedure

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the number one prescribed cosmetic treatment, Botox®.* Botox® Cosmetic is used by physicians to reduce the signs of aging on the face and neck.* Botox® treatments are most often administered on the forehead to treat horizontal wrinkles and around the eyes to combat fine lines referred to as “crow’s feet.” Smokers benefit from Botox® because it alleviates lines around the mouth, neck folds, and lips worsened by his or her habit. A fast, minimally-invasive procedure that produces results in less than two weeks, Botox® Cosmetic is incredibly popular in the United States.* Those patients suffering from profuse sweating will be thrilled to discover Botox® has also been approved by the FDA to treat excess perspiration with results lasting over six months.*


• Lines between eyebrows*
• Forehead Lines*
• Lines around eyes*
• Neck bands and folds*
• Cleavage wrinkles*
• Jaw tension from grinding teeth*
• Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)*
• Arm pits (profuse sweating issues)*