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One of the most important variables associated with buttock augmentation is the patient’s initial shape. It is crucial that the surgeon is skilled in properly assessing an individual’s body properly in order to determine the best technique for his or her body. Dr. Mendieta has the experience and knowledge to fully evaluate the patient’s shape and approach the procedure correctly. It is not enough to simply understand that no two bodies are alike; a surgeon must know how to go about producing the best results for a specific shape, such as The “A” Shape, The “V” Shape, The Round, and The Square.

During the initial consultation with Dr. Mendieta, patients will learn which type of augmentation is right for their specific shape: butt implants or enhancement via fat transfer. The majority of Dr. Mendieta’s patients prefer to undergo the fat transfer method; this can be done with the Brazilian Butt Lift, Miami Thong Lift, Butterfly Lift, Crease Incision, or C-Lift.

Dr. Mendieta will evaluate the buttocks by dividing its anatomy into three sections. Each area – the upper buttock, the mid buttock, and the lower buttock – needs to be studied separately. This is done in order to provide the best gluteal harmony. After this evaluation, Dr. Mendieta will be able to determine whether butt implants or butt enhancement via fat transfer will provide the best overall shape.

No matter the method that Dr. Mendieta uses for their procedures, patients may anticipate beautiful, natural-looking results – outcomes that were created because a specific, personalized method was designed just for them. Other variables, such as the size of the buttocks and skin quality, are also important to evaluate prior to determining the best type of butt augmentation procedure for the patient. Buttocks augmentation is designed to provide the patient with a newly improved shape that is complementary to the rest of his or her body.

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What Shape Are You

One of the most important variables associated with buttock augmentation is the patient's initial shape.

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