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Mixing the Patient’s Own Fat and Blood for Natural-Looking Facial Rejuvenation Results*

Posted May 29, 2012 in English

With an extensive, reputable background in plastic surgery, Dr. Mendieta is often approached by the media due to his unmatched skills regarding the fat grafting (“fat transfer”) procedure. World renowned for enhancing buttocks through his signature 3-D method – “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer” – Dr. Mendieta is also an expert in providing individuals with younger-looking, facial appearances with the fat transfer technique.*

Recently featured in a news article by The Herald Times, “From Sound Waves to Stem Cells: Face Rejuvenation Treatments of the Future,” Dr. Mendieta not only discusses why he continues to use the patient’s own fat as his preferred facial injectable substance (“I think it’s better for people, because it’s their own fat…It looks extraordinary.”), he also proves that he remains on the forefront of the latest technology and advancements in plastic surgery. Along with suctioning fat cells from one area of the body, he “takes some blood from the patient and spins it to get platelet-rich plasma, which he mixes with the fat to help the fat survive longer.”* While this modern, unique fat transfer method may not be every surgeon’s repertoire, the Miami plastic surgeon finds great value in using a natural substance for injections, and continues to have much success in it.*

As reported in The Herald Times’ article, Dr. Mendieta is quoted saying: “The fat can be injected into the lips or nasolabial folds, which run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth, as well as into the hollows of the eyes or the jaw line, to create a more youthful look.”*

If you would like to learn more about the fat transfer method, please feel free to contact Dr. Mendieta’s Miami Florida plastic surgery practice by calling (305) 860-0717. *