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Breast Implant Removal in Miami

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Breast Implant Removal with Dr. Mendieta

Breast implants have been a popular cosmetic procedure in recent years, especially among individuals looking to boost their appearance. However, more and more women are choosing to remove breast implants. This article explores breast implants removal, recovery and potential side effects to help you understand the process and its benefits. Continue reading to learn more about breast implant removal in Miami.

Breast Implant Removal with Dr. Mendieta

What is Breast Implant Removal and Lift

Breast implant removal refers to the surgical removal of breast implants. Women opt to have their breast implants removed for various reasons, such as medical conditions, changes in aesthetic preference and the development of complications. The procedure typically involves the surgeon making incisions to access and remove the implant. However, in some cases, a breast lift procedure may be performed simultaneously. A breast lift after implant removal helps to restore a more youthful and lifted appearance to the breasts

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal Recovery and Side Effects

After breast implant removal, you will go through a recovery period that typically lasts a few weeks. You may experience various side effects as the body heals during this time. Some common side effects are swelling, discomfort and a temporal change in sensation. This is why following the surgeon’s post-operative instructions is essential to minimize the risk of developing complications.

What to Expect after Breast Implant Removal

After breast implant removal, you should expect a change in the shape and size of your breast. However, the exact changes will depend on various factors; such as the condition of the breast tissue and the amount of time the implants have been in place. If you experience excessive sagging after the procedure, you may be a candidate for additional procedures, such as a breast lift or fat transfer, to achieve the desired aesthetic goals. Breast implant removal with fat transfer uses your own body fat; in place of the artificial implant. However, before making a decision, consult a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Implants’ Potential Problems

Breast implants have proven to be safe for many individuals. However, it’s common to experience reduced satisfaction with the results after the procedure. If you are dissatisfied, you should consult your surgeon to determine the most appropriate action and to consider whether or not a breast implant revision procedure is necessary.

While breast implants are safe in many women, the procedure may still present problems; such as implant rupture, capsular contracture and implant rippling. Signs of breast implants problems may manifest in pain, swelling, changes in breast shape and unusual sensations. When this happens, it’s essential to consult with a qualified surgeon to address these issues.

Gummy bear implants are expected to last longer than traditional saline and silicone implants and offer more durability. If you are considering a breast revision, this as another option for replacement implants.

The Cost of Breast Implant Removal

The breast implant removal cost can vary greatly depending on various factors, such as the clinic, the complexity of the procedure and the surgeon’s experience. On average, breast implant removal starts at $2,000. It’s advisable to discuss the surgical fees, anesthesia fees, facility fees, as well as any additional procedures that may be required with your surgeon before making a decision.

Insurance coverage for breast implant removal may vary depending on the reason for removal. To be safe, check with your insurance company before undergoing the procedure. However, there are convenient financing options available for cosmetic surgery.

Choosing a Breast Implant Removal Surgeon in Miami

Breast implant removal and lift in Miami allows individuals to address problems and implant displacement, as well as restore their natural appearance. However, it’s essential to understand the procedure, recovery process, and potential side effects before committing. Additionally, if you plan to undergo breast implant removal, you must find a skilled and board-certified surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, revision, and fat transfer procedures.

Consulting a qualified plastic surgeon will help you discuss your goals, address your concerns, and decide on the best approach to meet your needs. Dr. Mendieta in Miami has the techniques, skills and experience to achieve the best results for your breast implant removal surgery. Call us today to schedule a consultation or to ask your questions at 305-860-0717. You may also contact us online.

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