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A Qualified Plastic Surgeon Can Help Prevent Post-Operative Complications*

Posted June 14, 2012 in English

Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

When a tragic plastic surgery experience hits the news, it’s natural for a prospective patient to feel discouraged and fearful. But it must be noted that, while there are potential risks and complications associated with every surgical procedure; the probability of a post-operative problem occurring is minimal when in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon.  However, not everyone who offers buttock enhancement and liposuction is qualified to do so.*

What are the Dangers of Plastic Surgery?

An example of cosmetic-surgery-gone-wrong is the case of 50-year old Idell Frazer, who underwent liposuction on her back and fat transfer to her buttocks at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill. Due to post-surgical complications, she died soon thereafter. Peter Mineo, the attorney for Strax Rejuvenation, was reported in the NBC 6 news article to say that the medical examiner ruled preliminarily that Frazer died from “adipose tissue embolus,” which was described as “a piece of fat tissue that causes an obstruction.”*

According to Dr. Mendieta, a liposuction and fat transfer specialist in Miami, this is an uncommon problem following the fat transfer method. With extensive experience in this specific buttock augmentation technique, the Miami plastic surgeon was discussed in the same NBC 6 news article. The writer said that NBC 6 caught up with Dr. Mendieta for a different story, reporting that  he has performed 1,500 cases of butt enhancement via the fat transfer method and “ fat embolism is a very rare and serious complication, which he has yet to experience with any of his patients.”*

Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

A qualified plastic surgeon can help prevent post-operative complications by making sure that a person is an ideal candidate for a procedure. Dr. Mendieta will only go forward with performing surgery after he has properly assessed the prospective patient during the consultation, and believes that he or she meets all criteria. Dr. Mendieta also voluntarily provides procedural knowledge (including details about potential risks and complications) at this time. A patient should be completely aware of what plastic surgery entails so that he or she can make educated decisions and look forward to a rewarding body contouring experience.*

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