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Adonis Procedure in Miami

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The Adonis Procedure with Dr. Mendieta

Plastic surgery is no longer something only women seek after. Today, there are almost as many men reaching out to us as women here at our Miami plastic surgery center. With all of the amazing advancements within the aesthetic surgery industry, the possibilities are endless!

A Body Contouring Procedure for Men

The Adonis is a procedure that Dr. Constantino Mendieta created specifically for men. What Dr. Mendieta does with the Adonis procedure is he literally sculpts the body and explains, “It’s about knowing where to remove fat and where to keep fat. In order to create definition, you need a ‘hill’ and you need a ‘valley’ – the bigger the ‘hill’, the lower the ‘valley’, the more definition that can be accomplished.

the adonis procedure with dr mendieta
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How this Body Sculpting Procedure Works

This is fully transformational, body contouring procedure that sculpts the body to produce results many men would probably never be able to achieve by simply dieting and going to the gym. This is because some people are just not able to get rid of the layer of fat necessary to get a completely toned and defined look. The Adonis procedure involves a fat transfer. This method is performed by taking unwanted, excess fat from one or more areas of the body and relocates it to another area of the body to provide more contouring to muscles; and to produce a smoother appearance. At 4Beauty, this is also referred to as ‘The Mendieta Technique’.

Dr. Mendieta’s explanation above helps patients to understand the problem of attempting to attain extreme body sculpting without an aesthetic procedure. For some men who struggle to obtain a toned and chiseled appearance naturally, they just do not have much of a ‘hill’ because the muscle is not very well developed. This is due to genetics. In these circumstances, Dr. Mendieta can create a ‘hill’ by keeping fat, but reducing it as much as possible with laser liposuction. Next, he uses ultrasound guidance (which provides a precisely visual view of the muscle); and then injects the fat precisely into the muscle where the area needs more contouring.

Fat takes on the property of where you inject it. Therefore, if the fat is injected into a muscle, it feels like muscle. If you put the fat next to bone, it feels like bone. So, using this liposuction fat transfer method is an excellent strategy for creating that jacked up, pumped up look men strive for. The Adonis Procedure is especially advantageous for body builders, weight lifters and serious athletes.

Improve Your Looks / Increase Your Confidence

Improving the way a person looks will not only increase confidence, but will also improve health, as well as their outlook on life. Implants are another way to augment the body, but whenever possible, using your own body fat is a better and safer way to go.

4Beauty offers a full menu of both surgical and non surgical procedures to improve almost any area of the body where a patient desires an improvement. For non invasive cosmetic procedures, our medical spa is available for Botox® and dermal fillers, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and more.

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