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From Scrawny to Strapping: Plastic Surgery for Men

Posted June 18, 2018 in Male Plastic Surgery

Are More Men Getting Plastic Surgery? For decades it seemed as though plastic surgery would never make the break from being something that people considered was only for women. Fortunately, statistics over the past few years have demonstrated that more and more men are finally realizing the benefits of plastic surgery; and what it can […]

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Get a More Masculine Chest Instantly With Pectoral Implants

Posted March 13, 2018 in Male Plastic Surgery

Male Pectoral Implants Achieving a firm and muscular chest can be harder than it seems. Many men spend months attempting to chisel perfectly sculpted pectoral muscles with lackluster results. Several factors can contribute to an unsatisfactory chest aesthetic, including genetics, developmental defects, and trauma. Even with dedicated diet and exercise, you may struggle to obtain […]

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Men Crave Curves Too!

Posted October 06, 2006 in English, Male Plastic Surgery

We Keep Getting More Demand for Male Butt Augmentation!  “Women have steadily been augmenting their rears into more shapely features for about five years,” says Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a board-certified surgeon near Miami, Florida. “Now, more men are asking for a more rounded, firmly-shaped rear end.”* “Two years ago, 2% of people asking plastic surgeons […]

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