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Men Crave Curves Too!

Posted October 06, 2006 in English, Male Plastic Surgery

We Keep Getting More Demand for Male Butt Augmentation! 

Women have steadily been augmenting their rears into more shapely features for about five years,” says Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a board-certified surgeon near Miami, Florida.

Now, more men are asking for a more rounded, firmly-shaped rear end.”*

“Two years ago, 2% of people asking plastic surgeons about buttock augmentation were male. Now, 47% of inquiries are from men. The reason?”

Men are more practicable,” Dr. Mendieta says. “Many of these guys have a flat rear which does not bode well for holding up one’s pants.“*

However, women admire other shapely celebrities who have had their backsides surgically rejuvenated. And see buttock contouring as a fashion statement; as well as a body enhancement“.

best plastic surgeon MiamiDr. Mendieta has two ways to add shape and fullness to the buttocks — fat grafting and implant placement.

When patients have fat to spare (that’s a size eight or larger dress), Dr. Mendieta uses liposuctions fat from corpulent areas and prepares it for re-injection. He very carefully injects drops of pearl-sized fat cells into the muscle layers through one very tiny incision.

The secret of his technique is positioning the fat cells on the peak of the buttocks, so the transferred fat will develop a good blood supply and add shape. Typically, one to two pounds of fat are added to each side (requiring six to eight hours in the operating room). The result is a rounder, perkier butt.*

I estimate that 75 to 80 percent of the transferred fat remains for life,” says Dr. Mendieta.

What if You Don’t Have Enough Fat for a Fat Transfer?

If a patient is thin and has no fat to spare, Dr. Mendieta uses an implant made of a soft silicone, about the size of an adult hand. Available in teardrop, oval or egg-shaped sizes, the butt implants (which can never break or leak) are placed between layers of muscles in each buttock.*

After healing, the patient’s posterior has a firm, natural feel (like he or she has been working out with weights).* Patients do not actually sit on the implant; which is placed higher than the bones on which one does sit.

I learned the basic butt augmentation techniques from plastic surgery masters in Brazil where a well-shaped rear is highly regarded,” says Dr. Mendieta.

Later, I began sculpting the patient’s waist and thighs to make the rear look even more shapely and round.

Dr. Mendieta may also harvest some fat from the sides of the patient’s rear to make it narrower.* That fat is also deposited on the peak of the butt to make it shapely, (or as the doctor likes to say, “more bootylicious.“)*

The Different Types of Buttocks on Females

After analyzing thousands of patient before-and-after pictures, Dr. Mendieta classified women’s bottoms into four shapes: A, V, square or round.

He concluded the prettiest buttocks are A’s that look like upside down hearts, with a wider bottom than top.*

However, 90% of men have square-shaped rears,” says Dr. Mendieta. “After surgery, these men want to have more roundness in their rears, with what weight lifters call a ‘shelf,’ or more projection.“*

Other buttocks augmentation candidates include women over 50 who have developed a flatter rear; and younger patients who say they desire a larger rear to complement augmented breasts. Many 20 and 30-something women bring in photos of Jenifer Lopez or Beyonce Knowles (celebrities known for their eye-catching, curvy bottoms).*

Another reason more people are having butt implants (or gluteoplasty, as doctors know it) is because of the exercise craze. Women who work out very hard tend to lose the natural curve and shape of their rears, experts say.*

Butt Augmentation Recovery

Recovery from butt augmentation surgery involves the patient wearing a compression garment for about two weeks; going back to work in one to two weeks; and returning to the gym in about three to four weeks.*

Depending on how the surgical wound is healing, the patient can carefully place her — or his — soon-to-be alluring posterior in a chair the day after the operation. And may resume driving after about four weeks.*

Find Out More About Butt Augmentation with Dr. Mendieta

If you’ve been considering getting a butt augmentation, Dr. Mendieta and his team at his South Florida plastic surgery center is standing by and ready to answer all of your questions about the Male Brazilian Butt Lift. Give us a call today at 305-860-0717. You may also contact us online.

About Dr. Mendieta: With training in aesthetic surgery at Harvard, Dr. Mendieta had additional training in plastic surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons in England, Paris, Brazil and Beverly Hills. He is frequently quoted in leading publications and appeared on the Bravo Channel’s television program about plastic surgery, Miami Slice.*


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