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Celebrated Organizations Join Together to Assist Plastic Surgeons*

Posted July 08, 2013 in English

When highly celebrated organizations put their minds together, great things can happen! The largest plastic surgery specialty group in the world and a lifestyle healthcare growth equity firm have combined their techniques and talents with a partnership agreement. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), ASPS’s wholly-owned subsidiary Plastic Surgery Business Solutions, Inc. (PSBS), and Strathspey Crown Holdings, LLC created a strategic partnership agreement to help plastic surgeons all over the world.*

Together, these companies will invest and assist one another on various programs, including group purchasing and licensing, practice management services and tools, and co-marketing and public relations campaigns. According to ASPS’s website, The Plastic Surgery Foundation, an educational and research foundation that works hand-in-hand with ASPS, is also a part of an equity investment in Strathspey Crown.*

ASPS’s President, Gregory R.D. Evans, M.D., who is also a member of the PSBS Board of Directors, stated that this partnership will provide “additional capital and expertise” to ensure that the goals set for the first phase of the management services organization are achieved, and that the tools and services being developed will focus on increasing revenue and decreasing costs for plastic surgeons.*

Robert E. Grant, chairman of Strathspey Crown, believes this partnership is a “perfect fit” and will advance their unique vision to “transform lifestyle healthcare by providing access to technologies and services focused on helping patients feel, look and live better.”*

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